Lactose Intolerance + Cheese Taste Testing = Trouble...

I went to The Cheese Store of Silver Lake today.  If you haven't been there, definitely go there. They have the friendliest staff and an amazing amazing selection of fromage.  I went there to find a cheese to go on my Buttery Lamb Burger.  I ate a lot of cheese.  I love cheese.  My wife is amazed at how I eat cheese.  I order cheese plates, that are to be shared with like 3 or 4 people, all to myself.  I don't smear a little on a cracker, I load a huge chunk on top of the cracker.  My wife thinks I am sick.  The thing is, I've watched some of my favorite chefs eat cheese.  And guess what?  They eat it like me!  

So I wanted to find a good sheep's milk cheese to top on my burger.  One that melts real well and robust enough to stand alongside the meatiness of the lamb.  After a lot of sampling, I bought Onetic Blue (a Spanish sheep's milk blue cheese, Queso Romero (a semi-soft sheep's milk cheese cured in rosemary), and Lamb Chopper (a sheep's milk cheese similar to gouda but with more bite).  I tested all three on the buttery lamb burger.

The reason the burger is buttery is because I mix in whole butter right into the ground lamb. The butter mellows out the lamb, adds tons of richness, develops a nutty flavor as it caramelizes, and creates an incredibly juicy burger.  To balance out all this richness, I add a generous portion of spicy pickled onions.  And I top all this onto a toasted brioche bun.

The cheese I am going with is the Onetic Blue.  This blue cheese is amazing.  It is pungent, has some bite, robust, but is not over-salty like many other blues.  This is a controversial decision because my wife hates blue cheese.  And I know many are not fans.  I know I can't please everyone, all I want to do is make a kick-ass burger.  Honestly, this burger is good.

half pound of lamb, butter mixed in, big dollop of sheep's milk bleu, spicy onion pickles, toasted brioche... 


  1. looking forward to trying this kick-ass burger. :)

  2. can you teach me how to eat cheese, esp blue cheese. I am not a big fan of the blue cheese but I love lamb! I will try this burger one day or is there any other cheeses that can substitute but keep same great taste?

  3. janice, let's go together! My mouth totally watered reading the description and I practically drooled down my chin looking at the photo.