We Are Opening!

We will open in March.  Early March.  Will let you know soon the exact date.  Please take a look at our official website and get a glimpse of what to expect on our menu.

We hope to see you soon...


BLACK HOGG: It's been a while.

BLACK HOGG: It's been a while.: This whole opening a restaurant process has taken longer than I ever anticipated that it would. I almost forgot that I had this blog until ...


It's been a while.

This whole opening a restaurant process has taken longer than I ever anticipated that it would.  I almost forgot that I had this blog until some people asked me about it this past weekend.  I must admit there were several reasons why this blog trailed off.  One of the main reasons was because this whole process has become so drawn out I felt like a dude that always "talked" about his big ambitions, but failed to deliver the goods, if you know what I mean.  I wasn't comfortable hyping up all this cool stuff I wanted to do, when I didn't really know how soon I could actually serve it to you...

Another reason I haven't been posting is because I have had to deal with all sorts of roadblocks: bureaucratic red-tape, stalled building renovations, and litigation issues...  Out of my better judgement, I thought it would be wise not to post during this unsettling period.

Anyway, it looks like my family and I have weathered the worst of this storm.  I just wanted people to know that we are still here!  We will open - hopefully soon.  Next time I post, it will be of our soft opening date and I will post up my menu!  And look out for some changes in store for the Black Hogg.

To close, I wanted to introduce to you the guy who is doing the design for our restaurant.  His name is Brendan Ravenhill.  We saw the work he did at Osteria La Buca on Melrose and loved it.  We asked him to do our place and he was eager to do so.  He has designed all our furniture and the interior of our dining room.  It looks incredible, but you will have to wait to see it.  Here's some pictures of the work he did at Osteria La Buca to show you his skills.

He loves to design chairs...
and he designed this chandelier as well!

the interior is tight.

his wife did the facade.  and the food here is legit.



Chopped Liver on Toast

Whenever I see liver on a restaurant's menu I get a little giddy.  I love a good chicken liver mousse, or chopped livers spread on toast.  I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who are a little hesitant or perhaps even averse to trying organ meats.  Honestly, it does take some courage to try.  But many times, the dishes made from such variety cuts are the tastiest dishes on the menu and clearly demonstrate the chef's talent in making something undesirable into something delectable.

There are two places in LA that make some delicious chicken liver toast - Animal and Pizzeria Mozza.  If you're ever at these places, order it.  There are not many simple dishes as savory and delicious as chicken liver toast.  And if you are at my restaurant, definitely order it.  I think I make some of the best.

Black Hogg's Chopped Liver on Toast.
on a sidenote...  Due to many reasons I won't disclose here, my originally planned location is no longer in the picture.  There were just too many obstacles to overcome.  However, I have found a new location and plan to open very soon.  Honestly, opening a restaurant is as difficult and frustrating as everyone said it would be.  It is not for the fainthearted.  I am learning so many valuable lessons through this whole process.  And I know God will always provide.


Lactose Intolerance + Cheese Taste Testing = Trouble...

I went to The Cheese Store of Silver Lake today.  If you haven't been there, definitely go there. They have the friendliest staff and an amazing amazing selection of fromage.  I went there to find a cheese to go on my Buttery Lamb Burger.  I ate a lot of cheese.  I love cheese.  My wife is amazed at how I eat cheese.  I order cheese plates, that are to be shared with like 3 or 4 people, all to myself.  I don't smear a little on a cracker, I load a huge chunk on top of the cracker.  My wife thinks I am sick.  The thing is, I've watched some of my favorite chefs eat cheese.  And guess what?  They eat it like me!  

So I wanted to find a good sheep's milk cheese to top on my burger.  One that melts real well and robust enough to stand alongside the meatiness of the lamb.  After a lot of sampling, I bought Onetic Blue (a Spanish sheep's milk blue cheese, Queso Romero (a semi-soft sheep's milk cheese cured in rosemary), and Lamb Chopper (a sheep's milk cheese similar to gouda but with more bite).  I tested all three on the buttery lamb burger.

The reason the burger is buttery is because I mix in whole butter right into the ground lamb. The butter mellows out the lamb, adds tons of richness, develops a nutty flavor as it caramelizes, and creates an incredibly juicy burger.  To balance out all this richness, I add a generous portion of spicy pickled onions.  And I top all this onto a toasted brioche bun.

The cheese I am going with is the Onetic Blue.  This blue cheese is amazing.  It is pungent, has some bite, robust, but is not over-salty like many other blues.  This is a controversial decision because my wife hates blue cheese.  And I know many are not fans.  I know I can't please everyone, all I want to do is make a kick-ass burger.  Honestly, this burger is good.

half pound of lamb, butter mixed in, big dollop of sheep's milk bleu, spicy onion pickles, toasted brioche... 


Kurobuta Pork Chop, Black Beans, Cilantro Rice, Mojo De Ajo

Mojo is one of the greatest sauces ever made.  It is found in Cuba and Puerto Rico.  If you've ever been to Versailles in LA, then you know exactly what I am talking about.  Mojo de Ajo, literally means Mojo "of Garlic" and that is exactly what it is.  Mojo is a sauce made with tons and tons of garlic, steeped in olive oil, and finished with citrus like bitter orange and lime juice.  It is an awesome awesome sauce.

Anyway, I definitely wanted to have a dish on my menu that highlighted Mojo de Ajo.  I worked on a pork chop dish today.  It was not just any old pork chop but a "Kurobuta" pork chop.  Kurobuta pigs are the prized black pigs of Japan.  They are called Berkshires in English and they are one of the pigs I love deeply, the Black Pig.  Well I seared up one of these beautiful chops in my cast iron, put it on top of some of my savory black beans and cilantro rice, and I dressed it with red onions and the amazing Mojo de Ajo.

Make sure you try this when the restaurant opens!

Deep-Fryer: Out of Order

So last week I tried using the deep fryer at my test kitchen.  Turns out the deep fryer is not in working order.  I tried to go the old-school way and fry in a pot on top of the stove.  It went okay, but not to my exact requirements.  It was too difficult to maintain a precise temp which is crucial for deep-frying.  I did test out my recipe for salt and pepper calamari.  And I near perfected the flavor for my Ale Battered Fish 'n Chips with Malt Vinegar Tartar Sauce, but I was not pleased with the texture of the chips and the dish's overall presentation.

As a kid, I always wondered why my fish 'n "chips" came with fries.  I decided to actually serve this with potato "chips."  This is my nostalgic take on a dish I loved as a child.

I will have to resume my deep-fried recipes after I get a deep-fryer that is working properly.  In the meantime, I will be working on some dishes for our 4th of July barbecue: Roast Pork with Mojo Onions, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and Currywurst.