bumps in the road...

Well I was supposed to open escrow a week ago.  That hasn't gone according to plan.  Apparently the seller has some personal housekeeping matters that they wish to resolve first before signing any papers.  I have been waiting over 3 months for this restaurant to become available.  I have passed up other opportunities waiting for this...

Damn, I don't want to bore anyone with the endless list of obstacles I've confronted trying to open a restaurant.  It's been frustrating, upsetting, annoying, and is as difficult as people have said it would be.  So I guess I should be comforted in that.  Anyone who has opened their own restaurant has faced countless bumps in the road - I am not alone.

Instead of complaining, I will trust God and pray.  If I need to wait, I will.  If I must move on, then I must. 

Anyway, I don't know if anyone is reading this blog yet or will ever.  But to me and whoever else is out there, Here's some pictures of my very own Black Hogg, my little boy Ericsson!


  1. Hwai-ting! you are surrounded with prayer. this is your sister btw. i don't know why it is ID-ing me by using a blog site i created 100 years ago... one that i never ever ever use.

  2. you don't know me, but 1. i love awesome food and 2. i love your awesome son (and wife). My dad owned multiple restaurants and I remember the stress he went thru each time he opened one! He always said each was well worth the hard work. God always provides and I'll pray for your continued faith and patience during this exciting time! Xoxo to your little Ericsson! Don't cut his hair! haha

  3. @evy, thanks sis!

    @jennywang, it is nice to finally meet you. your daughter has such spunk. she's such a cutie! thank you for your encouraging words.

  4. It'll make everything that much sweeter when you get the restaurant going. I feel for your stress ..on the other hand, i'm pretty dam proud of you E. You're following what you love...something most people can't say they've done/will every do. Keep fighting for what you want and you'll get there...one way or another.

    Let me know if you need any help...

    and please keep the blog updated so i have a general idea with the happenings of Black Hogg.


  5. @fish, thanks for the encouraging words my friend. i am sure i will need your help for taste testing. and i'll do my best to keep this blog going. but if you ever want to know what's going on, we can always go get a foot massage and hang out.