What is a Black Hogg???

I would like to explain how I came up with the name, the Black Hogg.  For the longest time I planned to name my restaurant the Black Pig.  Turns out that there is a Black Pig Meat Company (www.blackpigmeatco.com) in Sonoma, CA and a Black Pig Pub (www.theblackpig.net) in the UK.  So that name went out the window.

Then I thought, why not the Black Hog (Hog with one "g")?  Googled it and discovered there is a Black Hog BBQ (www.blackhogbbq.com) in Maryland.  But I really liked the sound of this name, so I thought, why not just spell it with two "g's"?  The Black Hogg.  I liked the way it looked too.

Turns out a "hogg" is different from a "hog."  A hogg is actually a year-old sheep.  If I decide to use this name I am changing the whole notion of my original namesake, which was an ode to the Berkshire - the Kurobuta - the beautiful (and delicious) black pig!

But the more I thought about this subtle twist in the name, the more I loved it.  After all I think there are all too many eateries named after pigs, boars, hogs, and all other forms of swine.  But I really don't know many named after the humble little lamb.  I really dig this name.

A black hogg is a black sheep.  A black sheep represents someone who is different, maybe even an outsider.  That is how I feel trying to open my own restaurant.  LA has overnight become inundated with new restaurants opening one after the other.  All these famous, celebrity chefs have jumped onto the scene creating this loud buzz.  But here I am little old anonymous me.  Who the heck knows who I am except my 325 facebook friends???  I am an unknown, a nobody right now, a black sheep.

But I actually like it like this.  I never ever thought I would share my boring thoughts on a blog, but I need to get the word out for my place whatever way I can.  If anyone is reading this, can you inform someone else about the Black Hogg?  Thank you!

So this is how I came up with the name the Black Hogg.  The best part about this name is it makes a lot of sense now to have a signature lamb burger on the menu.  The rest of LA may have their HAMburgers, but just wait for the "Buttery Lamb Burger with Minted Fries."  You'll love it.


  1. silver lake is a great place to open up a restaurant like this. :) Looking forward to it!

  2. ...get her done....can't wait...

  3. I agree shoespitter. curious to know who you are?

    thanks nick. will do will do.

  4. Let me know when its open. I want to go my brother.

  5. Btw, I'm really liking Logo H and I
    Have you finalized a logo yet?