And so it begins.

In all things God works for the good of those who love Him...

I believe this and I know that God is opening doors for my family and me.  I am in the process of purchasing a restaurant in Silver Lake.  It has been a fixture of this community for decades.  With some tender loving care, it will be the beautiful home to the Black Hogg.  If all goes well I should open escrow tomorrow.
God-willing, this is the future home to the Black Hogg.

Until the restaurant opens, this blog will be where you are brought to when going to the website for the Black Hogg.  Afterwards, this blog will be just a little link on the official Black Hogg webpage.  Hopefully if I'm not too lazy or boring, I can garner some followers and tell them a little about me, my family and, of course, the food!

My beautiful wife and me, with little Ericsson in her tummy.


  1. very excited for you guys, can't wait til this place is opened and poppin!

  2. thanks bro. can't wait to pour a pint for you from our place one day soon.